Seminar – The New Companies (Accounting) Act 2017


An Afternoon Seminar with Brian Walker, Barrister

What’s really relevant in the new BOR Regulations, CRO Mandatory efiling and BOTH 2 new Companies Acts in 2017, The Companies (Amendment) Act 2017 and the Companies (Accounting) Act 2017?

Seminar for accountants, company directors, company secretaries, solicitors, credit controllers, insolvency practitioners and others.

Brian Walker B. L.

Brian Walker BL, a Barrister in the Law Library in Dublin with over 35 years experience in Company Law and Company Secretarial Practice, Brian has designed this unique seminar to assist you in really understanding the core issues in the new Company Law for 2017 and beyond. He has been a CPD lecturer in company law to the main accountancy bodies for the past twenty years. His approach to company law is straightforward, direct and easily understood. Comprehensive notes accompany his presentations.

CPE and CPD credits – 3 hours

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ALL SEMINAR TIMES: 2-5 pm in the afternoon

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What’s Covered in This Training

The New Companies (Accounting) Act 2017

  • 101 Sections of new law amending the Companies Act 2014
  • How to claim Micro or Small Company Status ?
  • The Companies (Amendment) Act 2017
  • The Companies (Accounting) Act 2017
  • Major extension to the audit exemption regime
  • Definitions of Micro, Small, Medium & Large Companies
  • It’s all about to change! Brand-New Formats for Accounts
  • Finding your way through the technical maze
  • How to take immediate advantage of less CRO filing
  • Unlimited Companies, new CRO filing rules
  • New Whistleblowing Rule for Auditors to ODCE

New Register of Beneficial Owners, BOR

  • New Mandatory BOR Filing, effective 26th June 2017
  • Definition of beneficial owner
  • Ignore these New Regulations at your peril
  • It’s law here now and applies to virtually all companies since November 2016
  • The 2016 Regulations
  • Duty to keep information up to date
  • Individual duties of members, beneficial owners, directors and companies
  • Additional new 2017 Regulations, commencing May 2017
  • Drafting the Regulation 6, 8 & 10 Notices
  • Enforcement & Sanctions

The CRO Late Filing Penalty Waiver

  • Available now for Companies that are late !
  • No Late Filing Fees and you get to keep audit exemption !
  • How to restore a “Lost Audit Exemption”, the new criteria and procedure in the local courts
  • Section 343 Explained
  • The District Court Rules
  • Paperwork and timelines
  • What the courts will require?

What the Company Secretary needs to know ?

  • The Work, Role, Duties and Responsibilities of the Company Secretary in 2017
  • CRO forms
  • The Company Secretary “Qualification Test”
  • Why every company needs a “Real” Company Secretary
  • How to draft the new style constitution
  • Maintaining the seven statutory registers and what needs to be included here?
  • Statutory and common law duties

Mandatory CRO E-Filing

  • S.I. 458 2016, effective 1st June 2017
  • Annual Return, financial statements, B2 & B10
  • Full e-filing, no paper or
  • E-filing and the signature page
  • The pros and cons
  • No margin for error
  • An A-Z on CRO e-filing

What Company Directors need to know ?

  • Moving over to the new constitution
  • The advantages of replacing your old memorandum and articles of association
  • The “2017 New Company Types”
  • Single Director Companies
  • Statutory Duties
  • Reckless trading, case law review
  • More Personal Liability Exposure
  • “Corporate Divorce”
  • Becoming a compliant “LTD”

What’s Relevant for Accountants and Auditors and their Clients?

  • Audit exemption to rise to €12 million in 2017
  • Opportunities to apply the new rules to past years
  • 3 Companies Acts in 2017 and a raft of new EU Regulations
  • New definition of Adequate Accounting Records
  • CRO B78A- Changing a Financial Year End Date
  • Dormant Company Audit Exemption.
  • Your responsibilities under the AntiMoney-Laundering Regulations to write up, maintain and transmit particulars of the beneficial owners of companies into the Central Registry from 26th June 2017
  • A step-by-step guide on keeping the BOR Registers
  • How to restore a “Lost Audit Exemption”, the new criteria and procedure in the local courts.
  • New CRO B1X, revision of defective financial statements
  • Introduction of the “Micro” company accounting regime
  • Converting companies over to the new constitution under the new rules, a full company secretarial pack on all that’s required and why this should be done now

New statutory requirements on Minutes and Resolutions

  • Board Portals, E-Governance
  • Minutes and record keeping for board and members meetings
  • Section 166, new statutory requirement on minutes
  • How to use Board Portals to modernise and enhance Corporate Governance?
  • What new tools are available to help the Board run more smoothly
  • New technology to facilitate meetings and reduce the expense of Boardroom Packs.

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