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How You Can Achieve a Paperless Office

Board Meeting Documents at Your Fingertips   Instantly create meetings and distribute board papers with Boardpad   BoardPad is a tool to increase director’s efficiency. It is a board portal where directors can access documents for company meetings. This means that...

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Solicitors and the New Companies Acts

At Least 10 “New Things” Clients Will Require in 2016 The new Section 343 District Court Application The new Section 343 District Court Application to restore a “Lost” Audit Exemption. This could prove to be a hugely popular new application in the local courts....

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The New Late Filing Penalty Waiver

Company directors don't appear to be aware of the two great benefits that follow from a successful application to the local District Court to extend the date for the filing of an annual return that’s late! Perhaps the number one advantage is that the company gets to...

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