The Companies Act 2017 has now been passed by Dail Eireann and was enacted here in May 2017. It’s 101 sections of new law that changes the Big Act of 2014 and introduces brand-new formats for accounts. However, a new Companies Bill 2017 has just been published on Monday, 6th November 2017 and will be a Companies Act in 2018.

New CRO mandatory paperless e-filing, effective, 1st June, will leave absolutely no margin for error. Companies that get it wrong will pay a heavy price. Statutory audits will be required and they cost a lot more in 2018.

The 2016 regulations on the Registers of Beneficial Owners require immediate attention in order to be ready for filings in 2018.

We have developed a tried and tested formula of a short, snappy 60 Minute Special Briefing on Company Law for Directors. This Briefing works extremely well in bringing home a clear and concise presentation to the typical board of directors, where it is more convenient to bring the training to your location and for you to choose the key areas you want covered.

It is a great opportunity to have an independent expert, Barrister Brian Walker, spell out all that Directors must do each year and the consequences for failure to comply and on time!


The following is a sample of an invitation and covering letter:

Invitation to a Special Briefing for Directors

New Directors in 2018 must know their company law with the new requirement to certify on appointment that;

“I acknowledge that as a director I have legal duties and obligations imposed by the companies acts, other enactments and at common law”

Section 223 of the Companies Act 2014


Brian Walker B.L. a Barrister practicing in the Law Library in Dublin, specialising in the area of company law, Brian Walker delivers a very concise and practical briefing for company directors in this special 60 Minute Session crammed with lots of useful tips and hints on how to deal with the new company regulations for today’s company director and company secretary.



  • The Main Provisions of the Companies Act 2014

  • The Company Secretary “Qualification Test”

  • The CRO Late Filing Penalty Waiver

  • Why Directors should never be late with statutory CRO Returns

  • How to restore a “Lost Audit Exemption”, the new criteria and procedure in the local courts

  • The Latest New Companies (Accounting) Act 2017

  • New Register of Beneficial Owners, BOR

  • Mandatory CRO E-Filing

  • The New LTD Demystified and Simplified.

  • New statutory requirements on minutes and resolutions

  • Corporate Governance in 2018

  • Board Portals, E-Governance

  • Inside the Boardroom – Principal duties and responsibilities of directors, core functions of the Company Secretary, best corporate governance practice, important meetings that should be recorded in the minute book, a full guide on how to be ready for the new Companies Act 2018
  • Questions & Answers Session

A unique opportunity to have any questions, concerns, niggling doubts or any other matters pertaining to the increased complexity of Irish Company Law.

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