We wonder if all 500,000 Irish company directors are really fully aware of the little-known Statutory Instrument 458 of 2016 signed into law by the Minister responsible for company law, Mary Mitchell O’Connor on Wednesday 24th August 2016 when most people were away on their annual holidays.

It’s very fairly clearly signposted on the CRO website but that might be enough!

Full electronic filing can be challenging if you’re not using the system on a regular basis and if you’re not familiar with the Revenue ROS certificates.

So on Thursday, 1st June 2017 no more paper accounts, annual return forms or change of registered office or officers unless filed electronically!

Basically there are two systems, electronic filing CRO forms using the director/Secretary Signature page but that still means you need to get a paper document into the CRO within 28 days of electronically filing the statutory form.

Full electronic filing is 100% paperless but you really need to be well set up in advance and well acquainted with the use of the ROS certificate.

Company directors and company secretaries need to be well acquainted with these methods before Thursday, 1st June 2017.

Being late in 2017 is simply unacceptable with the draconian sanction of the statutory audit requirement for two years in circumstances where audits will cost a lot more in 2017.


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