It’s all about to change!

Two brand-new 2017 Companies Acts are expected to be enacted here in May.

So much for the notion that we would have one easy to read Companies Act 2014!

The Companies Act 2014 will now be substantially amended by the LATEST new Companies (Accounting) Act 2017, NOW passed and the new Companies (Amendment) Act 2017, already passed by Seanad Eireann and heading for the final stages in May 2017.

Details of yet another new Companies Bill 2017 have also been published and it looks like we will have a fourth new Companies Act by the end of the year.

Company directors will then need to be aware of the statutory provisions found in the new Company law Rulebook comprising:

  • The Principal Act, the Companies Act 2014
  • Companies (Accounting) Act 2017,
  • Companies (Amendment) Act 2017,
  • Companies (Statutory Audits) Bill 2017